Conference introduction

     In order to promote the academic exchange, development and innovation of international palaeogeography and its relevant disciplines, and to organize high academic quality papers for the Journal of Palaeogeography and thus developing it into a leading international periodical, the 4th International Conference of Palaeogeography will be held in September 20—22, 2019 at the China University of Petroleum (Beijing), Beijing, China.

· Scientific themes

(1) Overview of palaeogeography

1.1 History, current status and prospect of palaeogeography

1.2 History, current status and prospect of subdisciplines of palaeogeography

1.3 Palaeogeography in different regions and geological times

1.4 Methods

(2) Lithofacies palaeogeography and sedimentology

2.1 Terrestrial facies palaeogeography and sedimentology

2.2 Marine facies palaeogeography and sedimentology

2.3 Transitional facies palaeogeography and sedimentology

2.4 Lithofacies palaeogeography in different regions and geological times

2.5 Soft-sediment deformation structures and their origins

(3) Biopalaeogeography

3.1 Overview of biopalaeogeography

3.2 Biopalaeogeography in different regions and geological times

3.3 Reef

3.4 Microbialites

3.5 Palaeoichnology

3.6 Palaeobotany

(4) Tectonopalaeogeography

4.1 Overview of tectonopalaeogeography

4.2 Reconstruction of tectonopalaeogeography

(5) Palaeoclimatology and global climate changes

5.1 Overview of Palaeoclimatology

5.2 Palaeoclimatologic records in sedimentary rocks

5.3 Palaeoclimatology in different regions and geological times

5.4 Carbon cycles and paleaoclimatology

5.5 Global climatic changes

(6) Event sedimentology

(7) Deep-water sedimentolgoy

(8) Lacustrine sedimentology

(9) Palaeogeography and mineral resources

9.1 Palaeogeography and petroleum

9.2 Palaeogeography and other mineral resources

(10) Definitions of over density flows (hyperpycnal flows) and identification markers of deposits of ancient over density flows (hyperpycnites)

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